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Have you wanted find something new decoration techniques? have you heard about chocolate ganache flowers using palette knives?

If you want to find something new and special flower design for your next custom cakes, you will definitely love this techniques.

This chocolate ganache flowers are very beautiful and delicious edible art. You will be able to learn the techniques of chocolate ganache sculpture flower(knife flowers) painting on a cake.

The class is included Chocolate ganache recipe for flowers

Also, you’re going to learn techniques to create different varieties of flowers using palette knives

Types of flower: blossom peony, clematis, side flowers, small flowers, Lavender, flower leaves.

For the class, you will use a dummy cake, which will be provided for you

In this class we will focus on the flower techniques therefore dummies will be covered in advance.

You can learn more flowers on 28 April

The techniques for these two cakes.  

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