Hi.  I’m LUCIA


I am a professional cake designer of buttercream flower cakes.

I would like to share my buttercream flower cake decoration techniques to all everyone around the world who is keen in learning.

I would like to provide satisfactory results to my students  through all my buttercream flower decoration experiences.


My aims to help and provide passionate students with the ability to make buttercream flower to their likings.

I look forward to meeting all of you.

Thank you.

Only in Lucia’s buttercream flower cakes :

-   Lesson in English by Lucia

-   Special piping techniques to make realistic flowers

-   Customized nozzles

-   Students choose their own color tones

-   Create many different tones of flower cakes with only

    13 Wilton color pigments

-   Special buttercream flowers and designed cakes


In general, Lucia’s buttercream not only taste good, but also looks sophisticated when piped into flowers.

I specialize in creating delicate flowers with thin nozzles that makes the flowers look almost real.

I'm always updating my portfolio with new buttercream flower design creations. 

Also put in a lot of effort in studying colors and I have prepared a series of color palette for student’s selections.


Lucia’s Experience:

-   Private bakery store (pastry chef) : 2 years

-   Sugar flower & clay flower designer : 1 year

-   Buttercream flower cake designer : 6 years

 Worldwide Workshops 2016:

- July.  in Singapore                

- August. in Indonesia

- September. in Indonesia , in Singapore

- October. in Spain (Madrid)

- November. in UAE (Abu Dhabi)

- December. in Indonesia , in Singapore

  Worldwide Workshops 2017:

- February. Jordan  3rd – 8th [company workshops]

- March. Indonesia  1st – 5th

           . Singapore  10th – 13 th

- April. Dubai   21st – 22nd

          Adu dhabi  28th – 29th

- May. China 7th - 12th

          USA[Miami] 19th - 21st 

          Mexico  26th - 28th

  ** American Decorating Magazine Interview **

- June. Singapore 16th -19th

          China 25th - 30th 

- July.  Indonesia 12th - 16th

- August.  Ecuador 22th – 27th

- September. Dubai 8th-9th

                   Abu Dhabi 15th-16th

                   China 23th-30th


- October. AMERICA . USA

           **   American Cake Fair instructor **

             American Fair Class 12th
             American Fair Demo 14th

             Orlando Class 21th-22th

             San Francisco 27th – 29th

** AWARD GOLD MEDAL _ WACS Korea Culinary Cup  **

- November. China 4th – 11th

                   Portugal 18th -20th

                   Spain (Madrid) 24th – 26th

- December. Switzerland 7th – 9th

                   Singapore 15th – 18th

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 Worldwide Workshops 2018:


- March. China  4th – 9th  

- April.  Indonesia 5th - 9th

- May. Costa Rica 4th - 6th    

- June. USA[Miami] 8th - 10th 

- July . ** American Decorating Magazine Tutorial **

- July . China 15th – 20th

            Indonesia 26th – 30th

- August . Singapore 2nd – 5th

- September . Germany 27th -1st (October)

- November . Indonesia (Jakarta 9th – 12th),

                       Indonesia (Surabaya 16th – 18th)

- December. China  11th – 16th


 Worldwide Workshops 2019:

- Feb. Host by Luciacake

           3D Icing cookies Workshops

               _ Instructor from Spain (22nd – 24th)

- March.  IKAFCD ( Association Workshop sponsored by Luciacake )

             :  International korean Association of flower cake deigners

​- March. Indonesia (Cikarang 9th – 11th),

               Indonesia (Surabaya 12th – 13th)

​- March. Switzerland ( Zurich 22nd – 24th) 

​- April. Japan ( Tokyo 6th – 8th)

​- April. USA _  Miami

**   Soflo Cake Expo Instructor **

            Soflo Cake Expo Class 26th – 27th

            Soflo Cake Expo Demo 28th


Overseas  Upcoming Workshops 2019

​- June. Vietnam 14th-16th

​​- August. Malaysia 23th-25th

- September. China  1st – 6th

- November. Germany 8th – 10th

             Japan 22nd - 24th


- December. Singapore